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по теме «Traveling to Australia»

проведенного в 10 классе МОУ СОШ №2

г. Сельцо

учителя английского языка

Васечкиной Екатерины Витальевны


Дата: 30.11.2005г.




Traveling to Australia ( ролевая игра )



•  Подготовка учащихся к учебной деятельности на английском языке


•  Организационный момент.


Teacher: Hello everybody. Today we will visit a lesson of geography in one London school. After that we can listen to the story about Australia .


•  Фонетическая зарядка .


At first look at the blackboard you can see the words. Repeat them after me.


2. Проведение игры.


1. ( Before the lesson. Mary and Jane has a talk.)

M: Hi, Jane.

J: Hi, Mary. I haven not seen you for ages. Where have you been? M.: I and my parents visited Australia . We had a good time there.

J.: What are your first impressions of Australia ?

M.: The first thing I was impressed with how polite and helpful everyone here is.

J.: Yes. Australians are very friendly.

M.: Even the drivers are nice. They stop their cars and wait for pedestrians to cross.

J.: That is great.

M.: Then I was impressed by the number of different plants and birds that live right in the city. Australians really love nature. They protect nature and animals.

J.: What was the weather?

M.: I was surprised to find that it was summer there. If you want we can go home and I will show you my photos.


The bell is gone.


2. (The lesson of geography. A young teacher of geography is coming into the classroom. Her name is Miss Bell.)


M.B.: My name is Miss Bell. I am your new teacher of geography. It is time to begin our lesson. Today we will talk about Australia . Let me introduce our guests Mr and Ms Brown. They traveled round Australia and at the end of our lesson they will answer any questions you want. Children, you know Australia is very beautiful country. It is has a unique history. Who wants to tell about it?

(Pupil 1 tell about the history)

M.B.: Very good. And now who will tell us about the geographical position.

( pupil 2 tell about the geographical position.)

M.B.: Thank you, children. Let us guess the crossword about Australia .

The crossword

•  The capital of Australia

•  A hemisphere where Australia is situated

•  What is Australia ?

•  The name of the ocean

•  The name of the ocean

•  The hottest month in Australia


•  M.B.: Thank you for your good work. And now it is time to listen to our guests. Ms and Mr Brown are welcome.


Ms B.: Glad to meet you.

Mr B.: Glad to meet you. You want to know everything about Australia , don”t you?

Now I will tell you about the capital cities of Australia .

Ms B.: Look at the pictures, you can see the animals of Australia . (Miss Brown tells about kangaroo, koala, dingo and parrots)

Pupil: What is official language in Australia ?

Ms B.: Australian English does not differ from other forms of English, although some expressions are unique to Australia .

Pupil: Do Australians love to play sports?

Mr. B. : Yes of course. In 2000 Australia hosted the Olympics in Sydney .

Pupil: What is the population in Australia ?

Ms.B.: Australia has a population of about 18 million people Australia is a multicultural society. 200 countries have made Australia their home The Aborigines, the Australian natives.

Pupil : Thank you for your story. It helps us for our lesson.

Mr. and Ms Brown: Do not mention it.

M. Bell.: And now we will write a test. You can see it on the blackboard.

(pupils are making the test)

Your time is up. Give me your works. We have enough time to see the best presentations. (pupils are showing their works)


3 . Заключительный этап .


•  Подведение итогов .


Teacher: Thank you for you. You are good actors. And you know everything about Australia . Our lesson is over. Good-bye.

2. Объяснение домашнего задания . (to write the composition about Australia )



Тема урока : TRAVELING TO AUSTRALIA ( a role-play)


Цели урока:


- расширение знаний учащихся об Австралии

- применение изученного лексико-грамматического материала в новых ситуациях общения

- развитие навыков самостоятельной работы

- развитие навыков общения

- развитие монологической речи

- развитие логики речи

- воспитание интернационализма


Оборудование: презентации по теме « TRAVELING TO AUSTRALIA »


Ход урока :


•  Подготовка учащихся к учебной деятельности на английском языке


1.Организационный момент

•  Фонетическая зарядка


2. Проведение игры


1. Беседа двух подруг перед уроком географии

2. Урок географии в английской школе

3. Рассказ родителей Мери об Австралии, главных городах, животных, спорте, населении

4. Выполнение теста учащимися


3. Подведение итогов

1. Выставление оценок

2. Объяснение домашнего задания

Today we have our contest the name of which is: ”Do you know English well?”

We have 2 teams. In the contest you are to show how good at English you are, how quick your reaction is.


1. The first team come out to the front and present your team

And the second team you are welcome.


2. It is time to have a quiz. I will ask you questions and you are to give as many correct answers as possible.


1. The capital of Russia is…

2. The most famous Moscow theatre is …

3. GB consists of … parts

4. The symbol of England is…

5. The symbol of Wales is…

6. The longest river in the world is…

7. The largest ocean in the world is…

8. The capital of France is…

9. People speak Turkish in…


1. Now we have a contest for our captains. I will show you a word and you are to make as many small words using the letters of this one. This word is on the blackboard. (REPRESANTATIVE)


2. In the following competition you will need sheets of paper and coloured pencils. You will have to draw a picture. Listen to my commands.

- Draw a small house in the middle. Colour the house brown. Colour the roof red.

- The house has two windows and a door.

- You can see flowers in one of the windows

- Draw a tree to the right of the house

- Draw a bird flying over the house

- Sign the name of your team.

Give me the pictures. Now we will compare them.


3. I am going to read logical problems. Your task is to solve them.

•  5 brothers have each a sister. How many children are there in the family?

•  In what month does a man speak least of all?

•  2 mothers and 2 daughters have 3 apples. Each gets an apple. Is it possible?

•  Six birds were sitting on a branch. A hunter shot at one of them. How many birds remained on the branch?

4. Each team chooses a word. This word must be used in dialogues e.g. arm-chair . The first dialogue has only the first part of the word - arm . The second – only chair and the third dialogue – a full word. The other team tries to guess this word. Good-luck.

5. I need 2 pupils. I will give them the poems, you will have to read them, but if you are freezing or if you have a hot potato into your mouse.

One, two

Naughty little boys;

Three, four,

What a lot of noise.

Five, six,

Paddle in the sea;

Seven, eight,

Do not splash me.


6. I will give you the cards, you will have to make up the sentences.


•  car, were, going, we, to, Moscow , by.

•  When, came, children, the, sleeping, were, she, into, room, the.

•  Misha, was, what, reading, seven, at, o” clock yesterday?

•  The, man, old, was, children, looking, after, playing, in, the, yard, the

•  Yesterday, were, we, TV, watching, seven, at, o”clock

•  Was, who, for, waiting, you, classes, when, were, over?


Our competitions are over. And now your results.


Внеклассное мероприятие

по теме ” Do you know English well ?”

проведенного в 7 классе МОУ СОШ №2

г. Сельцо

учителя английского языка

Васечкиной Екатерины Витальевны


Дата: 14.12 2005г.


Внеклассное мероприятие

по теме ” Do you know English well ?”

проведенного в 7 классе МОУ СОШ №2

г. Сельцо

учителя английского языка

Васечкиной Екатерины Витальевны


Дата: 14.12 2005г.


Тема : ”Do you know English well?”




- повторить пройденный учебный материал в неформальной обстановке

- тренировать восприятие речи на слух

- формировать актерские навыки к изучению английского языка

- повысить интерес учащихся к изучению английского языка


Ход мероприятия:


Домашнее задание:


•  Приветствие команд

•  Разминка «Вопрос- ответ»



•  Капитанский конкурс

•  конкурс «Нарисуй-ка»

•  Решение логических задач

•  Составление диалогов со сложными словами

•  Конкурс стихотворений

•  Составление предложений в Past Simple Tense .


Подведение итогов. Награждение команд.


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